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Fair Play

"Fair Play", is a result of education and culture in which the athlete has been nurtured, which should be harmonized with courtesy and respect for the efforts of those competing.

Yiannis Kouros
  • Participants must strictly adhere to the regulations of good sportsmanship and follow the instructions of the organizers, the selected volunteers, and the personal partners of the event.
  • Even runners who may have abandoned the race must comply with the instructions of the above officials.
  • Any deviation, non-observance, or violation of the regulations entails disqualification and no right to continue the race without any compensation. The participation number is strictly personal cannot removed or transferred to another person.
  • Additional instructions concering the race event, may be given to the participants before the start in an extra briefing if ncessecary.
  • The appearance of other runners who have not received official approval and number from the organization is not allowed.
  • The completion time limit for Sparta to Megalopolis is 15 hours, while for Sparta to Ancient Olympia (165 km) is 27 hours.
  • Use of a vehicle from a runner will lead to an immediate disqualification from the race.
  • Touching any vechicle will lead to a yellow card.
  • In the case of two yellow cards for the same violation, the runner will get a ban from the race.
  • Stepping or sitting in a vehicle, leads to a red card, which means immediate disqualification.
  • For the observance of the regulations of FAIR PLAY, there will be Official judges of the race, wearing armbands and secret judges without indicators who will move continiously at different points of the route.
  • The participant, declares that hasn't use any illegal methods and non-permitted substances during his preparation or during the race.
  • The runner has the right to stop his effort either to rest in a seat outside the vehicle or to use the toilet, but he must return to the point where he stopped his effort in order to continue.

According to the fair play notion all competitors should compete under the same conditions and not try to circumvent of regulations: Therefore, any device that change and falsifies the breathing temperature will not be allowed. Also, any device which is inserted into or pierces the skin in order to measure the level of minerals and other substances of the blood circulation and metabolism, also will not be allowed.