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Lycurgus meets Iphitus

IAU Bronze Metal Applicant

Dear friends

Welcome to the official presentation of an event, which we have prepared with all our care and we hope will win your hearts and get its place among the most important in the world. Either way, the story that accompanies it is unique and defined the following centuries and the events that sprung from them. It affected not only the culture and civilizations of the people but also their souls and minds.

The “HEYDAY ROAD” (“Road of Acme”) is a sporting event with a historical background, aiming to directly win the interest of the global road community, uniting Sparta and Olympia - two internationally known historical places. The 21st century brought the establishment of street culture, and Greece is now attracting organizations with events that take place throughout the country, practically all year round.

The Peloponnese, a birthplace of history and a theater of historical and cultural events that shaped the world's civilization, takes an important step by acquiring a road event that unites two of its most recognizable international places, Sparta and Olympia.

The “Heyday Road – “Road of Acme” aims to highlight how the Athletic Ideal was born literally (and celebrate it effectively), and at the same time to act as personal growth for each athlete participating.

It’s recreating the original experience at all levels.

The Road, crossing the Peloponnese, will connect the 160km (100 miles) distance between Sparta and Ancient Olympia.

The creation of the Olympic Games, which has been a huge step for Humanity, involves many "key elements" and messages that are gradually unfolding, started from the first event that took place in September 2023. Because if the Road will be the "trunk", a series of parallel actions - completely harmonized with the content of the race - will complement and give extensions to its messages; because the Olympics themselves have been a multi- dimensional event.


History preserves how in a pivotal moment for Hellenism and with Sparta having established its absolute edge, the Spartan legislator Lycurgus, in consultation with the king of Ilidos Iphitos and with the king of Pisa Kleostene under the guidance and the oracle of Apollo, proceeded to revitalize the then local character of the games and to promote them as a Panhellenic Celebration. The Olympic Games as we know them were born. The main feature of the new, upgraded organization is the establishment of the Olympic Truce.



Friday 30th of May 2025
06:00 p.m Welcome, Briefing and Registrations in Sparta


Saturday 31st of May 2025
06:00 a.m Start of the 3nd Heyday Road:


  • Ultra-Marathon, Sparta to Ancient Olympia (165,96km)
  • Ultra-Marathon, Sparta to Megalopolis (72,80km)


  • Finish of the first runners at estimated time 12:00 Megalopolis
  • Finish of the first runners at estimated time 22:00 Ancient Olympia


Sunday 1st of June 2025

  • Finish of the “Heyday Road” at 10:00 a.m Ancient Olympia

Heyday Road Flyer coming soon

Heyday 365


Dear friends,

Let's talk about the journey we started some time ago, following in the footsteps of the legendary Lycurgus. The «Heyday Road» is not just a race. It is a unique journey that unites historic place names and becomes an ambassador of history and culture.

We gave form to this vision through the ultramarathon, believing that the struggles of the body should be combined with the struggles of the spirit. Incorporating essential Greek education, the Heyday Road requires high mental concentration and transcendence of the body, elements that reflect its very essence.

Our philosophy is that anyone can make this journey without pressing time limits. This belief has prompted us to seek new ways of developing this project. Building on the shared spirit and energy of ideas, and while we establish our annual big meeting at the beginning of each summer, we are pleased and excited to present the expansion with «Heyday 365»

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Announcement of 2nd Heyday Road results

The second Heyday Road event is over and you can find the results of the two races that took place below.   Results of the 2nd Heyday Road Ultra-Marathon, Sparta to Megalopolis (72,80km)…

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