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What is the date of the “Heyday Road”?


The race start date is 31st of May 2025 

The race start date is referred to as Day #1, while the next day is referred to as Day #2. 

How many Races does the event include?


Heyday Road program includes 2 Races, for which you can register for:

  • Ultra-Marathon Sparta to Ancient Olympia (165,9km)
  • Ultra-Marathon Sparta to Megalopolis (72,8 km) 

Where is the finish line?


The finish line is as follows:

- For the Ultra Marathon of 165,9 km is Ancient Olympia (Mayor’s Hall).

- For the Ultra Marathon of 72,8 km is Central square of Megalopolis.

Why do I need to register on the site for the race?


Registration on our site is mandatory, as through this, all communication with race participation applicants and race participants will be handled, at later stages, declare any health/medication/nutrition information essential for the safety of the athlete that must be taken into account by race organizers and exchange any other informative or essential information among the parties involved.

Registration is considered complete upon payment, available by credit card or bank deposit.

For the moment only the two packages for both Ultra Marathons are available.

Ιn the coming months additional packages regarding transportation and accommodation will be added for those who wish as well as packages for personal escort and support.

Do I need any previous experience?


The Heyday Road Ultra Marathon races are extremely tough and unique events and to help maintain the integrity of the races we have to impose certain pre-race qualifications. Full details of these requirements can be found on the Rules page.

What happens in case of cancellation of the Event Due to reasons of force majeure?


In the case that the 2025 “Heyday Road” event is cancelled from any decision of the Official Authorities / reason of force majeure, the registration of each runner will automatically be transferred/deferred to the next Heyday Road event and the participation will follow the general terms & regulations of the new event. The same process will apply to the excessive number of runners, in case the number of participants is reduced by a decision of the Greek State, region or municipality, and the participants will be determined in terms of registration priority order.

You can read in detail the Cancellation Policy of the event.

How much is the Heyday Road Ultra Marathon entry fee?


The basic entry fee (BEF) for the Ultra Marathon from Sparta to Ancient Olympia is one hundred and ninety euro (€160) and for the Ultra Marathon from Sparta to Megalopolis is one hundred euro (€80).

Includes participation in the race, t-shirt, medal and gift of local products.

Note: It doesn’t include any transportation from Athens to Sparta and back.

In addition, soon there will be options for separate transportation and accommodation packages, which you ll be able to purchase according to your needs - in designated hotels and apartments - for an additional fee.

It is payable via bank transfer and credit card (visa & Mastercard).

NOTE: VISA and Mastercard payments will be available in due course.



What documentation do I need to provide?


Race participation documentation is relatively simple and is mostly included within the Entry Form. This includes

  • a declaration from your running club
  • doctor certificate,
  • 2 passport photographs, and
  • your entry form.

You should download and read the details shown on the Prerequisites page and complete the race application included on the Entry Form page.

Do I need insurance?


There is a waiver clause in the application form wording that exempts “Heyday Road” ENPC Organizers team from responsibility due to a runner's injury or loss of personal possessions. In these times it is normal for the average visitor to take out travel insurance before leaving their home country, so it is logical for a runner to consider a similar package. Insurance arrangements can be made with most travel agencies, in most countries, and some offer special packages tailor-made for athletic pursuits.

How do I find my bib number?


About ten (10) days before the race, all runners who have successfully registered for any of the event's races will receive an email, informing them about their exact bib number.

Where do I pick up my bib number and race kit?


All runners are asked to collect their bib numbers and race kits from the Runners' Center.
The Runners' Center will be open for the public as follows:


  • One date before the race: 10:00 - 19:00 p.m.

What time do the races start and finish?



  • on Day #1 at 06:00 a.m.


  • on Day #1 at 09:00 p.m. (Megalopolis race)

  • on Day #2 at 10:00 a.m. (Olympia race)

What happens if I drop out before the end of the race?


If you decide to drop out of the race or are eliminated for any reason you will be required to sign the appropriate declaration and hand in your race number to a race official. Authorized personnel are responsible for providing onwards transportation to your hotel in Sparta or Megalopolis or Ancient Olympia.

If you need medical attention this will also be provided by the ENPC Organizers team race.

Is there a bag check/depository?


Runners must hand in the kit bag with their personal clothing to the volunteers at the designated areas at least sixty (60) minutes before the start of the race. After finishing the race, runners, assisted by volunteers, may collect back their kit bag presenting their bib number.

What transportation services do you offer for the Heyday Race?


Transportation to the Start Area of the Heyday Race is offered additionally by the Organizing Committee, and ONLY for registered runners.

Can I receive assistance from a personal support team?


All runners may receive assistance from an officially registered support team at especially designated Check Points only.
The runner must register his/her support car at the registration office in Sparta (Bicycles or motorcycles are not allowed).

Where can I see my photos of the race?


You can find individual photos of the race through the website of the event's Official Photo Agency a few days after the race.

Where can I see my results?


Right after the completion of each race you can view the Unofficial Results on our website. Runners have the opportunity to object their race results within one (1) business day. After that period any objections are recorded-investigated and resolved and the Official Results of each race are announced. After the announcement of the Official Results any runners that is included in them can download for free their Certificate of Participation through the website of Heyday Road.