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Health Protocol


The Organization team of the Heyday (ENPC), aligns themselves with the Greek State's latest data on the spread of the COVID-19 disease, and announces the withdrawal of the AMA 2022 Health Protocol.

For the protection of all fellow athletes, volunteers and workers, it is recommended keeping safe distances - where crowding is observed - as well as carrying out a preventive diagnostic COVID test (self-test) both on the day of collecting their race kit, as well as on the day of the race.

The demonstration of a COVID-19 Certificate (vaccination, recovery, negative diagnostic test) when collecting the race kit or on the day of the race is no longer mandatory.

In addition, the use of a mask, as well at the start/finish area of each race, is optional but recommended.

In the event that the Greek State announces new protection measures against COVID-19, then the event will be held according to the new data, which will apply at that time.