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Why do I need to register on the site for the race?


Registration on our site is mandatory, as through this, all communication with race participation applicants and race participants will be handled, at later stages. Only pre-registration is open, which will later on allow the athlete to register for the race and pay the participation fee, declare any health/medication/nutrition information essential for the safety of the athlete that must be taken into account by race organizers and exchange any other informative or essential information among the parties involved.

Given the limited number of entries for the 1st "Heyday Road”, after filling and sending the application form, you will receive within a few days the answer.

Registration is considered final when the participant has met the financial specifications set by the organizing committee.

How can I register for participating one of the races?


Please read our Terms & Conditions of Participation to confirm that you are eligible to participate in our Races.

The Official Registration Period for "Heyday Road" event opens approximately 4 months before the race date. For 2023, Registrations will automatically close once the participation limit per race is met or on July 28th at the latest. All pre-registrations and confirmed registrations are submitted online.

You can choose the race and your preferred registration level and proceed with online registration.

How can I pay the race participation fee?


Instructions on race participation fee payment can be found in the designated area of our web site, here


What is the cancellation policy?


Please read our cancellation policy presented the designated area of our web site.

What happens in case of cancellation of the Event Due to reasons of force majeure?


In the case that the 2024 “Heyday Road” event is cancelled from any decision of the Official Authorities / reason of force majeure, the registration of each runner will automatically be transferred/deferred to the next Heyday Road event and the participation will follow the general terms & regulations of the new event. The same process will apply to the excessive number of runners, in case the number of participants is reduced by a decision of the Greek State, region or municipality, and the participants will be determined in terms of registration priority order.

You can read in detail the Cancellation Policy of the event.

How many registration stages exist for heydayroad event?


There are currently two registration stages for the Heyday Road event:

  • The first registration stage (also called pre-registration) refers to the creation of a user account and athlete profile on our web site. The stage is currently open and can be executed by the designated site area.
  • The second registration stage is the payment stage, where you use your previously created account on the web site, to pick one of the offered races by Heyday Road and deposit the corresponding fee via one of the offered options (see Payments section of the web site).

NOTE: Currently electronic payments are not open. Relevant information will be timely provided to registered athletes.

I have not received the race participation confirmation message (email), what should I do? 


The registration confirmation emails are sent within five (5) business days after you have successfully submitted and settled your registration fee as per instructions (read above in “How can I pay?”) 

After the five (5) days have passed and you still have not received it: 

1. Check your spam folder in case the e-mail bounced there 

2. If you still have not found it, make sure you have followed ALL the payment instructions 

3. If you have settled your registration fee as per instructions, and still have not received the email, contact us at: info [at] heydayroad [dot] org, or use our web site contact form.

I have not received the user registration confirmation message (email), what should I do?


You receive the user registration message at the email you declared at registration time.

In case you did not receive this message, please check one of the following:

  1. Check if the procedure was fully completed at your web browser and there are no messages regarding missing data or malformed information (a relevant message appears on top of the screen).
  2. Check that you have provided the intended email account.
  3. Check the SPAM folder of your email account, in case your mail provider filtered out the Heyday Road mail address.

In case none of the previous have occurred, please contact us using the provided contact form of our site   

How much is the Heyday Road Ultra Marathon entry fee?


There are three (3) categories

  1. "EARLY BIRD" For registrations and payments from 5.10.2023 till 30.11.2023 The basic entry fee (BEF) for the Ultra Marathon from Sparta to Ancient Olympia is one hundred and forty euro (€140) and for the Ultra Marathon from Sparta to Megalopolis is eighty euro (€80).
  2. "STANDARD" For registrations and payments from 1.12.2023 till 25.4.2024 The basic entry fee (BEF) for the Ultra Marathon from Sparta to Ancient Olympia is one hundred and eighty euro (€180) and for the Ultra Marathon from Sparta to Megalopolis is one hundred euro (€100).
  3. "LAST MINUTE" For registrations and payments from 26.4.2024 till 18.5.2024 The basic entry fee (BEF) for the Ultra Marathon from Sparta to Ancient Olympia is two hundred euro (€200) and for the Ultra Marathon from Sparta to Megalopolis is one hundred and ten euro (€110).

NOTE 1: The Fee for your support team is sixty (60) for the Megalopolis race and ninenty (90) euro for the Olympia's race. There's no limitation in the number or people of your time. In case that you 'll need a personal support team but you can't have yours, we can provide you one team of two (2) dedicated fully for your race. Please contact us for further information. It is payable via wire bank transfer and credit card (visa & Mastercard).

NOTE 2: VISA and Mastercard payments will be made available in due time. The Entry Fee includes participation in the race, t-shirt (one for the participation, medal and a souvenir bag with local products. The ENPC Organizers team offers the athletes full board accommodation for 3 days in Sparta and Olympia, at designated hotels of its choice, at an additional charge. Therefore, there will be a couple of additional packages including accommodation and transportation, available from 1st of December 2023 and can be purchased in addition to the basic entry fee (BEF).