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Race rules & Regulations

Runners submit their participation applications online at the website of the “Heyday Road” For contact, either Greek or English can be used. Given the limited number of entries for the 1st "Heyday Road” The ENPC team decides on the approval of the applicants.

The registration will be considered valid and final only when the applicant has received a positive response from the ENPC team and has met the financial specifications.

Participating runners must present themselves for registration up to three (3) hours prior to the race, at the place and time indicated by the Organizing Committee.

The “Heyday Road” Organizers team, is “Epigonos nonprofit company”, (ENPC). The members of the Board of Administration work exclusively on a volunteering basis and receive no form of compensation, whatsoever.

Runners, family members, supporters, journalists etc. are urged to address an official bearing the Heyday Road insignia and get advice on any matter pertaining to the race.

Runners can display their national flag, the name of their country or the sports club’s logo on their running outfit. All types of promotions of products, beliefs, and slogans are strictly forbidden, except for those indicated by the ENPC team.

Runners must wear visibly the bib numbers on their chest and back, exactly as given by the ENPC team, without any changes, and are required to show their athletic identification card upon request.

Runners are required to wear a head flashlight with spare batteries, as well as back and shoe reflective gear. They are also responsible for themselves having enough additional emergency equipment.

Reflective vests are necessary for the night hours.

Runners can, on their own responsibility, make use of their personal items during the race. All items must be deposited in boxes, bearing the CP number, on the eve of the race. The Organizers team will deliver each box exclusively to its corresponding C/P.

Runners must present themselves at the starting point of the race i.e., the statue of Lycurgus, at least 60’ prior to the beginning of the race. Late arrival will result in the runner’s disqualification.

Note: Check at the “Road Book” section the C/Ps where runners may receive solely physical help from their supporters. Runners may at any point in the race receive help provided exclusively by the Heyday Road officials and the accredited medical team if deemed necessary by said officials.

Runners, who abandon the race, must turn in their bib numbers and electronic chip to an ENPC official and sign the appropriate withdrawal form on the spot or at the nearest C/P. Runners that abandon the competition are not allowed to stay in the race and will be transported by an official Organizers team or other authorized car to Sparta or Olympia, and to the hotel designated by the ENPC Organizing team. Athletes wishing to use their supporting car must declare it in their withdrawal form. Any action contrary to this article results in the exclusion from future Heyday Road races.

Runners follow a specific course. If, however for some reason, they find themselves off track, they must return to the last C/P where they checked in prior to the deviation, so as to continue the race.

Runners may report any violation committed by another runner or supporter. The allegation must be in writing and handed to an ENPC Organizers team official at the nearest C/P.

During the race runners are strongly recommended for their safety reasons to:

  1. avoid of use any Bluetooth, mp3, iPod, or headphones attached to any kind of music- reproduction device, since the runner must have unobstructed hearing for safety reasons.
  2. avoid use of mobile phone (only in case of emergency)

Runners found using any illegal substances (doping), are automatically disqualified.

Runners are removed from the race:

  1. due to a violation of any article of the race rules.
  2. due to arrival after the cut-off time at the (2) twoMajor Check Point (C/P)
  3. if ordered by the accredited medical team

Runners must provide all relevant information concerning their supporters and supporting vehicles. For safety reasons, supporters are strictly forbidden to ride on any type of two-wheeled vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle etc.), so as to follow the race or accompany the athletes.

Runners are not allowed to enter the supporting vehicle to receive help. At the specific C/Ps previously listed, supporters can:

  1. provide water, refreshments, isotonic, food.
  2. help runners change apparel
  3. give massage and treat small wounds.
  4. administer any sort of medication prescribed by the accredited medical team

It is absolutely prohibited for supporting cars to carry posters, stickers or whatever promotes and advertises products, beliefs, causes etc. Corporate and/or professional logos, as well as trademarks are allowed, only if they are permanently imprinted on the vehicle.

Runners’ family, friends and supporters, media members (journalists, television crews etc.), medical teams, diplomatic delegations, and all persons, teams and vehicles in any way connected to the race, must register during the Registration Period prior to the race and collect their individual accreditation card, insignia and permit, which must be immediately shown upon request. Supporting vehicles are by no means allowed to simultaneously serve as press, medical, television and other cars. Any violation will lead to the automatic expulsion of the violators, persons and vehicles, from the race.

Runners, supporters, media members and all persons interested are requested to contact the Heyday Road team, concerning all matters pertaining to the race. The ENPC bears no responsibility whatsoever in case of lack of information or misinformation, that may lead to the disqualification or ban from the race of any said party.

For safety reasons supporters are expected to drive their vehicles during the whole race with extreme caution and at slow speed, and even more so when driving on unpaved roads. Under all circumstances, the right of way is to be given to the vehicles of the Judging Committee, the ENPC Organizers team, the medical team, and food provision group etc. Supporting cars may only pull over in the C/P listed above, and are obligated to stop and park at the appointed areas as directed by the ENPC Organizers team.

Mass Media vehicles (for television crews, photo-reporters, cameramen, journalists etc.) must follow the race from a reasonable distance from the competitors, so as not to hinder them or appear to assist them. Any infringement results in the immediate removal of the car from the race and the revoking of the passenger accreditations.

Members of the Judging Committee may display a yellow card (warning) for violations by the runners or their supporters, which is directly credited to the runner. Two (2) yellow cards result in the immediate disqualification of the runner.

Note: Judges and race officials can check anytime all vehicles.

During the entire race, it is strictly forbidden:

  1. for runners to use a supporter’s car or run next to runners, who are not competing in the race.
  2. for supporting vehicles to stop or park anywhere on the route between C/Ps, in order to support a runner.
  3. for supporting cars to move right or front, or parallel to runners

Any violation of this article will result in the immediate elimination of the runner.

Runners are immediately eliminated:

  1. for receiving any sort of unauthorized help
  2. for inappropriate behavior on the part as much of runners, as of their supporting crew
  3. for not complying with an ENPC official’s recommendations

Under special circumstances (roadworks, danger for the runners, adverse weather conditions etc.) any C/P can be relocated without previous notice.

The ENPC Organizers team provides the runners during the race with all specified light snacks and refreshments. Particular dietary requests can be met in accordance with the ENPC.

It is then on the responsibility of the individual delegation to provide the special food.

Runners, supporters, as well as any and all participants to the race, are obligated to follow the above-listed regulations/articles, as well as any additional guideline provided by the Race Director and the ENPC Organizing team.

Runners are obliged to run according traffic

from Start of the race (Lycurgus statue) till the end for safety reasons and for not losing the race signs.

Runners that won’t follow this rule will be immediately disqualified from the race, anytime without any other announcement. Judges and race officials are responsible for this operation.

Note: If necessary, the ENPC Organizers team may reverse the direction of the race at certain places. Runners and accredited supporters have the obligation to attend the briefing, held on the eve of the race at the place and time indicated by the ENPC Organizing team.

Runners and supporters are expected to be familiar with the race’s rules. Accredited supporting vehicles must bear the accreditation signs, which state the name and registration number of the supported athlete.

Any case not covered by the Regulation will be resolved by the Race Director or the attending officer representing the race. An appeal concerning a violation of any of the above articles must be submitted in writing to the Jury of Appeal at Sparta Headquarters no later than 8p.m on the last day of the race.

The race’s finishing point is the Mayor Hall at Ancient Olympia for the Ultra Marathon and the square of Megalopolis for the other Ultra Marathon.

Runners are considered finishers upon touching the finish line, within the designated time limit.

Finishers are invited to attend the Olympia Ceremony. Those attending are expected to present themselves in a decent casual attire or national dress.