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Announcement of 1st Heyday Road results

The first Heyday Road event is over and you can find the results of the two races that took place below.


Results of the 1st Heyday Road Ultra-Marathon, Sparta to Megalopolis (72,80km)


Rank Surname First name Gender Year of birth Nationality Perfomance
1 Flear Nathan M 1983 GBR 5:55:00
2 Andrianis Vasileios M 1981 GR 7:58:00
3 Katsaros Antonis M 1994 GR 8:45:00
4 Hausdorf Mike M 1968 GER 8:56:00
5 Dimitriou Athanasios M 1986 GR 8:59:00
6 Galanopoulos John M 1975 GR 9:58:00
7 Drakopoulos Georgios M 1969 GR 10:15:00
8 Kolampa Dimitra F 1966 GR 10:15:00
9 Kalpakis Panagiotis M 1977 GR 13:10:00



Results of the 1st Heyday Road Ultra-Marathon, Sparta to Ancient Olympia (165,96km)


Rank Surname First name Gender Year of birth Nationality Perfomance
1 Sagan Lukasz M 1983 PL 16:51:00
2 Grabska-Grzegorczyk Milena F 1978 PL 18:41:00
3 Boiano Roberto M 1968 ITA 24:35:00
4 Zintros Vasileios M 1985 GR 25:52:00
5 Diamantopoulos Pantelis M 1986 GR 25:52:00
6 Adamopoulou Eleni F 1974 GR 26:45:00
7 Sideris Nikolaos M 1959 GR 26:45:00
8 Tzimis Athanasios M 1957 GR 26:45:00
9 Aristeidou Petros M 1964 CY DNF
10 Kriparopoulos Andreas M 1968 GR DNF
11 Kragiopoulos Pavlos M 1967 GR DNF

Photo gallery of the 1st Heyday Road

Linking names that have the dimension of “myth” for the global running community, Sparta and Olympia.

Linking names that have the dimension of “myth” for the global running community, Sparta and Olympia.

The “Heyday Road” design aims at an authentic running challenge, with addition to a charming experience in historical places.

Our desire, however, is that this running activity attracts and gives the opportunity to people who would like to explore their limits at longer distances than the marathon, as well as to enjoy a unique experience, which simultaneously highlights outdoor beauty, indoor /mental strength and inspiration for a different way of life that derives from historical figures and legends of another dimension.

With the above reasoning in mind, we also designed an accessible route of 72.8 km, which has all the characteristics of the demanding and the doable, and connects Sparta with Megalopolis. The coverage time limit is 14 hours and we invite you to dare it.

Come and be part of a historic event, the 1st “Heyday Road”.

Those who feel confident in their own capabilities and are ready to stretch their limits have the chance to join “Heyday” and its two separate challenges, by becoming part of history.

Official flyer for Heyday Road

International measurement certificates for Heyday Road issued

The Heyday Road International Measurement Certificates have been issued by World Athetics in cooperation with the Association of International Marathon and Distance Races.

Three first liaison offices are now available.

Our first three liaison offices are now available for Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland  and United Kingdom. Please visit our site's contact area for further information on getting in touch with the local representatives.

Pre-registrations openning

Pre-registration page for Heyday Road 2022 race are now open.

You can use the dedicated page of our web site: Athlete Registration

Press Release


In the Spring of 2023, the Peloponnese will be home to a major road-running event. The “Heyday Road” (“Akmis Road”) is a sporting event with a historical background, aiming to directly gain the interest of the global road community, linking Sparta and Olympia - two internationally known historical places.

The 21st century brought the establishment of road-running culture, and Greece is now attracting organization of events that take place throughout the country, practically all year round.

The Peloponnese, a birthplace of history and a theater of historical and cultural events that shaped the world's civilization, takes a crucial step by establishing a long-distance road running event that links two of its most recognizable international places, Sparta and Olympia.

History preserves how in a pivotal moment for Hellenism and with Sparta having established its absolute edge, the Spartan legislator Lycurgus, in consultation with the king of Ilidos Iphitos and with the king of Pisa Kleostene under the guidance and the oracle of Apollo, proceeded to revitalize the then local character of the games and to promote them into a Panhellenic Celebration.

The Olympic Games as we know them were born. The main feature of the new, upgraded event was the establishment of the Olympic Truce.

The “Heyday Road” – “Akmis Road” aims to highlight how the Athletic Ideal was born literally (and celebrate it effectively), and at the same time to act as personal development for each athlete participating. It’s recreating the original experience at all levels.

The Road, crossing the Peloponnese, will span the 160km (100 miles) between Sparta (where it begins) and Olympia (where it ends).

The establishment of the Olympic Games, which has been a huge step for Humanity, involves many "key elements" and messages that will gradually unfold starting from the first event that will take place in Spring 2023. Because if the Road will be the "trunk", a series of parallel actions - completely harmonized with the content of the race - will complement and give extensions to its messages; because the Olympics themselves have been a multi-dimensional event.

The unveiling of the new event will take place through a press conference hosted at the Old Town Hall of Sparta (in the Municipal Council Hall) on Wednesday October 12th, 2022, at 7:00 pm.

For more information and any clarifications, you can contact us at using our contact details which can be found here.


Dear friends

Welcome to the official presentation of an event, which we have prepared with all our care and we hope will win your hearts and get its place among the most important in the world. Either way, the story that accompanies it is unique and defined the following centuries and the events that sprung from them. It affected not only the culture and civilizations of the people but also their souls and minds. But let's start from the beginning.

Three centuries before Marathon, Thermopylae, and Plataees and amid endless conflicts, the Spartan Lycurgus met Helios Iphitus. The Olympic games and the Olympic truce were agreed upon and immediately entered into force. In other words, that sacred road was the forefather not only of the games but also of modern Olympism.

And we come to today. In a few months and more precisely in the Spring of 2023, the first race, called "Heydayroad" will revive the sacred and historic route that preceded the historic meeting and agreement of Lycurgus with Iphitos. The physical starting point couldn’t’ be other than the city of Sparta and the finish will be completed in the cradle of the games, Ancient Olympia. We have tried from our available sources to draw a route that will contain as much as possible the historical part and will be enriched with the innovations and conveniences of today's era, expecting it to achieve an international appeal. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing all the details in turn. The route and the unique locations we will meet, the challenges, the people, and the experiences we will gain. Thank you and we set our next appointment through our website, Social media and the next official presentation.


The "Heydayroad" team