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Heyday Road 365 details


Our goal is for everyone, Greeks and foreigners alike, to feel Lycurgus as their own hero or, following his example, to find their own and incorporate this journey into their personal lives.

The aim is for everyone, by choosing the date that expresses them, to realize that they can achieve the "Heyday Road" on an individual or group level and plan their journey accordingly.

By setting the common denominator to the duration of the whole year, we give every athlete and non-athlete the opportunity to do the journey at any time they wish.

In this way, the "Heyday Road" becomes a challenge for anyone who wants to experience the route and train for our annual gathering at the end of May each year.

It is a challenge for those who want to run in all seasons, in different conditions, or for those who don't have time in their calendar for the main race.

It is for the friend who wants to run alone or with a group, and for the visitor who wants to experience something unique - "to step into the shoes of Lycurgus and live that intense experience".

To join "HR365" all you need to do is send us an email at info [at] heydayroad [dot] org

You can benefit directly from the official launch of "HR365" on Friday 5 July by registering till 29th of June.

Or - once you have decided on your preferred date - let us know at least 21 days in advance.


Details of "HR365":

Sparta - Ancient Olympia 165km

Cost 390 euro

Includes : Exclusive escort and support car with crew of escort and judge, food package during the race , medal.

Sparta - Megalopolis 72km

Cost 190 euro

Includes : Exclusive car with crew of escort and judge, food package during the race , medal.

Note: With your registration you can bring a friend as a chaperone or as a companion on the route ( and make the trip in the form of a relay race - "race of the message") In case you decide from the beginning to share the journey in the form of a relay race, please let us know.